Tidal innovation from concept to reality

The challenge

ACM&C was commissioned to work on the DataFish® tidal buoy – an innovative floating survey device set to deliver real-time information in very high tidal flow conditions. Complex design and manufacture were required, as the buoy needed to obtain measurements including acoustics, wave and wind recordings with unerring accuracy.

DataFish® had to remain flexible and robust enough to withstand the elements. Long periods without maintenance were also a prime consideration; a key value of DataFish® was its ability to collect information over several months.

Project development

After impressing leading marine energy consultancy North Sea Systems with our know-how and costs, ACM&C worked on DataFish® from conception onwards. Our team worked directly with designers, ensuring manufacturing expertise was incorporated from the outset.

The collaborative approach led to design refinements. ACM&C was subsequently trusted to undertake the bespoke build of a working prototype.

In production, attention to detail and precision were paramount – including the use of cutting-edge resin infusion techniques. A combination of craftsmanship and our can-do attitude saw the prototype built to plan, on budget and on time. It was subsequently deployed to monitor vessel traffic and marine mammal activity.

ACM&C Director Alex Newton: “We always welcome the opportunity to join projects at concept stage. This means we can help our clients balance their ambitions with what is achievable – saving them time and money as the project progresses.

A key consideration with the DataFish® was delivering absolute reliability for life on the waves. I’m so proud of the team for the way we worked around the potential obstacles to accomplish this.

“DataFish® was a satisfying project for us as it demonstrated what our agile approach and ability to adapt to a new application could achieve.”

DataFish® has since earned several award nominations including Most Promising New Tool to Support Developers at the Tidal Energy Summit and Best Business Innovation at the South West Green Energy Awards.


On time and on budget – delivered by ACM&C

Delivering tidal innovation

The challenge

Manufacturing an innovative tidal buoy that could transmit real-time data over long periods from dynamic tidal environments

What was delivered?

Design-stage manufacturing expertise, prototype tooling and a fully-functional tidal buoy

The result

DataFish® was nominated for several innovation awards and has been used commercially within British waters

“We’re proud of being part of such an innovative project, but the biggest satisfaction is knowing that something we made is out there doing its job in an unassuming and totally reliable way.”

Alex Newton, Director ACM&C