Some photos showcasing the most recent output from our kit cutting machine A C Marine & Composites .

ACMC Kit Cutting

A short video of our ply cutter in operation…


Kit cutting constitutes an indispensable part of our manufacturing process; offering the highest levels of repeatability and quality that we and our customers demand.

Our ply cutter operates at a 6m conveyorised cutting length, with a 6m conveyorised picking zone, and can cut pre-pregs, dry fibre and some core materials.

Nesting is completed in house using Optitex software, which results in high material yield saving you both time and labour expenses. We can also create patterns from 2D drawings or 3D models.

ACM&Cs kit cutting services are tailored to your needs. For pre-preg kit cutting, for example, one can expect nesting, cutting, labelling of parts, bagging, sealing and storage in our freezer, ready for immediate despatch or timely delivery.

In short, kit cutting services can offer you the following benefits:

  • 100% reproducibility of batch components
  • material savings
  • labour savings
  • reliability and consistency of production
  • reduced material handling

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.