A C Marine & Composites is pleased to announce that we supplied the first set of tidal turbine blades to Atlantis Resources at the end of 2016. The blades are destined for the MeyGen project, which has the potential of becoming the largest tidal turbine project in the world. The site lies in the channel between the island of Storma and the north easterly tip of the Scottish mainland.

Alex Newton, Director of ACM&C, said:

“We were thrilled to be selected by Atlantis on the basis of our manufacturing know-how and the quality of our demonstrator pieces. We worked closely with Atlantis throughout the design and development phases of the AR1500 unit and are extremely proud to have reached this juncture after years of work. The potential of tidal power in the UK is vast. Not only as a renewable source of energy but also in terms of job creation and the support it can give to the UKs supply chain. With the next phase on the horizon times could not be more exciting.”

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