Repairing a record breaker

Speed, quality and reliability

The project

A failed piece of rigging caused considerable damage to the Artemis-Team Endeavour craft. With a race around Britain looming, ACM&C was given 26 days to ensure that all was repaired.

Our initial inspection revealed significant structural damage on the 60ft racing yacht. The mast had fallen onto the coach roof, breaking it, and the D0 – an integral structural component for holding up the mast – was also heavily damaged.

In just 21 days the mast, D0 bulkhead and boom were repaired. The quadrant for the base of the mast was rebuilt as was a satellite dome and a section of the coach roof that had collapsed.

A week later the Artemis-Team Endeavour crew were back on the water and testing the rejuvenated craft to the limit in the Round Britain and Ireland Race.

After catching the tail-end of Hurricane Bertha and experiencing steep waves and a variety of man-made obstacles, the crew brought themselves and their craft into Cowes with a new World Record time of 5 days, 14 hours and 54 seconds.

ACM&C Director Alex Newton: “The world record was a great achievement, and we all felt proud to have played our part in the success of the Artemis-Team Endeavour.

ACM&C have a wealth of experience in repair work on sea and land vehicles, including fixing holes in hulls, reviving sunken boats, repairing fire damage and improving aesthetics with paint and finishing techniques.

Alex: “Our team’s extensive experience in repairs really paid off with this job. We were able to deliver a swift and reliable service against aggressive deadlines, and to the high standards that we pride ourselves on.

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A new world record

Repairs that supported exceptional performance

Projects statistics

Repair days

World record

Hours to circle Britain

Fast repairs to a fast boat

The challenge

Severe structural damage and a repair deadline of just three weeks

What was delivered?

Repairs to the mast and boom, fixes to the D0 bulkhead, rebuild of a quadrant for the base of the mast, a satellite dome and a section of the coach roof

The result

The swift completion of all repairs, and a craft able to deliver a world sailing speed record (WSSR)-winning performance

"A C Marine & Composites has been an essential composites partner to our Artemis Ocean Racing Project. Composite work on our Open 60 race yacht requires the best skills and the highest standards from composite technicians. We often need work completed to tight deadlines without compromising on standards and A C Composites deliver this without fail. We would be happy to recommend Alex and his team without reservation.”

Simon Clay, Founder of Whitecap