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37m x 16.5m of open workshop floor space. Offices, which give clients the option to work on-site during project builds. A secure and self-contained yard. Backup power to ensure uninterrupted and efficient supplies to critical machinery.

Two ovens, measuring 12m x 5m x 3m and 4m x 3.8m x 2m, and both operating up to 80°C. Siemens control system with 10 thermocouples and four in-component vacuum pressure monitoring systems. Both ovens have pre-settable alarms and an energy management and logging system.

Four independent vacuum systems enable the control and maximisation of properties during cure cycles. An automatic backup generator ensures continued production in the unlikely case of power failure.

Computer software and skills are kept up to date and reviewed on a regular basis. Programmes include SOLIDWORKS® 2016, the leading CAD package for design, validation, collaboration and build.

Fully extracted bay area, 12m x 5m x 3m, with a 3-ton monorail gantry system.

Ply cutter operational at a 6m conveyorised cutting length with a 6m conveyorised picking zone. Available for kit cutting of dry fabric, pre-preg and some cores.

Bespoke Cijet 2 epoxy metered injection machine with a 250kg resin de-gassing tank and capability of pre-heating resin up to 50°C.

Two vacuum tables: a 9m x 3m carbon vacuum table and a 3m x 2m toughened glass option.

KUKA Robotic armTailormade robotic arm, which can fulfil precise trimming and machining of composite components and tooling. Machining envelope – 10m x 3m x 1.5m.

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