A C Marine & Composites

Excellence and innovation built into every component

Smart and flexible

Maximising performance with solution-driven manufacturing processes


Dedication to detail

Machinery and manpower to deliver exacting solutions


Open door approach

Collaboration with customers, keeping you involved and informed throughout

Equipped for excellence

Continuous improvement with a dedicated team and bespoke technology

Our story

A C Marine & Composites is an industry leader in the manufacture of composite components. We are trusted, transparent and innovative, and invest wisely in equipment and personnel. Home is a 22,000 sq ft production facility on the south coast of England. This workshop gives us the versatility to build on traditional methods, ensuring we can create solutions with the precision we – and our customers – expect.


We work hard to refine existing processes and develop new ones. Regular reporting continuously improves our output, and reassures customers about production quality and speed. Developing our people is also a priority. At ACM&C experienced craftsmen work with, and empower, the next generation of composites experts. In-house training is reviewed and updated regularly. Our strong team ethos is extended to the way we work with customers – we operate an open-door approach that builds understanding and trust in equal measure.


Memberships and partnerships